Natural Health Products / Supplements


In Canada a product licence (Natural Products Number (NPN) is required to sell a natural health product whether the product is made in Canada or imported for sell into Canada. In addition, a site licence is required for the physical site in Canada where any persons (business or individual) wishes to manufacture, package, label, and/or import a Natural Health Products (NHP) for sale.

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Pharmaceuticals &
Medical Devices


DEL – In Canada, the process of obtaining an establishment licence is not an easy one but that is why we are here to walk you through. In short, drug establishment licences are required to fabricate, package, label, distribute, import, wholesale, or test drugs in Canada. This licensing requirement applies to all drug establishments except those solely dealing in . . .

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Food And Supplemented Food


The food industry is diverse and dynamic. That also means that competition is stiff. Establishing your brand as a high quality and safe brand that people trust goes a long way in obtaining customer loyalty, increasing revenue and success of your brand. A high – quality safe brand depends on a well planned and executed Food Safety Management System.

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Under the Food and Drugs Act, a cosmetic includes “any substance or mixture of substances, manufactured, sold or represented for use in cleansing, improving or altering the complexion, skin, hair or teeth and includes deodorants and perfumes.” The definition also includes cosmetics used by . . .

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Animal Supplement / Veterinary Health Products


In Canada, Food and Drug Regulations made some changes in 2017 that permit the importation and sale of Veterinary Health Products (VHPs) in Canada provided the following rules are met:

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Quality assurance &
Regulatory compliance


Most of our clients are small to medium scale enterprises and we understand their limitations in terms of knowledge and resources and we are there to assist them in meeting their challenges, solve their problems and help them realize their dreams. Due to advances in Technology simply upload your files and share them with your assigned Quality Assurance Person and they can review them, advise on . . .

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