Food Safety Management System


Food Safety Management System

Our Food Safety Management System comprises the following

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HACCP Program

  • HACCP training
  • Development of HACCP plans and Prerequisite programs
  • Reassessment of HACCP plans


  • Compliance with Safe Food for Canadians Act
  • Development of QMP program for Fish industries


  • Implementation of SQF standards
  • Implementation of BRC standards
  • Internal auditing of SQF and BRC standards


  • Allergen Management training
  • Food fraud Vulnerability training
  • Food plant Sanitation
  • Good manufacturing practices
  • Root cause Analysis and Corrective action


  • Development and implementation of Gluten free program
  • Development and implementation of Organic certification program
  • Developments and implementation of Non-GMO certified program
  • Development and implementation of Kosher Certifications

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